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Solar Panel Cleaning


The main causes of dirty photovoltaic solar panels are pollution, traffic dust, leaves and bird droppings

"Experts agree that dirty solar panels don’t produce as much power as clean panels. That loss may range as high as 25% in some areas according to ‘The National Renewable Energy Laboratory’. Some panels can have losses as high as 30% if they are never cleaned."

Read more on solar panel cleaning at www.freesolarpanelsuk.co.uk/solar-panel-cleaning-guide.php

Installing solar power is not a cheap investment and we can help you to get the most out of your equipment .We can do this by making sure your panels are as clean as when they were first installed and so they are producing the same amount of green energy consistently throughout their life cycle.


Using our high quality window cleaning equipment to produce ‘pure water’, we can clean your solar panels from ground level and up to a height of 60ft. Our specialist brush heads will gently clean any residue off of your panels and the ‘pure water’ will dry to a spotless finish.


It depends on the surrounding area and weather conditions.

We would recommend between 2-4 times per year, obviously more if required.


As a company we have over 10 years cleaning experience, which is why all of our work is guaranteed. We will only charge for our service once the customer is fully satisfied with our standard of work. We will rectify any issues or answer any concerns that you may have quickly and efficiently.

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